Authors’ Submission Guidelines to the Arab Journal of Applied Linguistics (

Authors’ Submission Guidelines to the Arab Journal of Applied Linguistics (   You need to register to the journal as AUTHOR.2   After registering, you will be able to log in.3   Under "Arab Journal of Applied Linguistics", you will see“Author Active New Submission.”1   Click on “New Submission.”2   A new page will appear indicating five (05) major steps to submit your manuscript to the journal’s system. These are:1   START2   UPLOAD SUBMISSION3   ENTER METADATA4   UPLOAD SUPPLEMENTARY FILES5   CONFIRMATIONSTEP 1: Starting the Submission1   Under “Journal Section”, select “articles.” (Abstracts can be uploaded here as well).2   There is a “submission checklist.” Make sure that you tick ALL the six (06) options.3   Click the box on “The authors agree to the terms of this Copyright……can be added below.”4   Under “Comments to the Editor”, you can add any comments you would like the editor(s) to consider. This is an optional step.5   At the bottom, click on “save and continue”. You will move to the second step of the submission phase which is  “Upload the Submission”STEP 2. Upload the Submission1   Go to “submission file”. Click on “Choose file” and then “upload.” Please make sure that you upload the latest version of your manuscript. So, it is better if you save it on your desktop for any easy access. The uploaded file has to be a WORD document. Pdf files will not be considered for any reviewing process.Before choosing and uploading your word manuscript, please remove name(s) and affiliation from the manuscript. In order to do this, please click on “ENSURING A BLIND REVIEW” icon that is next to the “Upload” icon. There are tips on how to use this. Please read them carefully. Even if you save your manuscript under your name, you do not need to worry about this. The Journal system assigns a random and systematic file name to your manuscript. This means that it will be sent anonymously to the editors and reviewers. What should be done at this level is to remove any personal information from the manuscript.1   Once the upload is done, click on “save and continue.” You will get a window asking you to confirm. Please click YES. You will be able to move to step 3.STEP 3. Entering the Submission’s Metadata1   Step three of the submission consists in “entering the submission’s metadata.”2   Please fill out the necessary boxes:1   Your data (name, email, affiliation and bio statement. Please do not go beyond 150 words for your bio).2    If you have co-authors, please add their details.3    Under “Title and Abstract”, you will see an asterisk. These two boxes denote required field. So, please enter the title of your manuscript and abstract. In order to avoid any loss of data, it is better if you go directly to your manuscript, copy and paste the title and abstract.4    Please fill out the section under “contributors and supporting agencies” if you received funding from any other agency and institution.5    Click on “save and continue”. You will be directed to step four of the submission:  “Upload supplementary data.”STEP 4. Uploading Supplementary Files(This step is OPTIONAL if you do not have any supplementary files. So, just click on “save and continue”1   HOWEVER, if you have any supplementary data like “images” or any other relevant data to the article, please submit them.2   Click on “save and continue.” You will get a window summary of your supplementary files. So, click on “save and continue.”Step 5. Confirming the Submission1   Now you will reach step five (5) “Confirmation”2   You will find your uploaded document as word format with other necessary information, such as title, type, file size and date uploaded. Please click on “Finish Submission.”3   Congratulations! Your submission is uploaded onto the journal system. You will get a message on that followed by “active submission.”4   Now, please go to your inbox using the email address you inserted with your metadata. You will find a confirmation email from the AJAL that you successfully submitted a file. You can always log in as author to check the progress of the reviewing steps of your manuscript.Should you have any inquiries, please send your email to: sahbihidri@gmail.comThank you very much for considering the AJAL to publish your work.Arab Journal of Applied Linguistics