An Overview of the profession of Speech Therapy in Morocco


  • Myriam Boueddine Speech Therapist in private practice, Morocco
  • Najat Boulahna Professor at ISPITS


The Speech therapy practice in Morocco faces many challenges related to the standardization of practice, quality training for the students, and accessibility for all citizens. This emerging profession has to deal with issues such as multilingualism (various Arabic dialects, Amazigh, French, English, and Spanish) and a lack of funds for research. However, some decisive changes are happening nowadays. The present study aims to provide an overview of the different characteristics of the profession of speech therapy in Morocco in the fields of training, teaching, sectors of practice, geographic distribution, languages, speech therapists’ profiles, and practices. This report is based on two tools: a questionnaire that was distributed to 100 speech therapists and structured interviews with ten more speech therapists in Morocco. The results provide some preliminary description of speech therapy practice, the limitations it encounters, and directions for the future development of the profession.

Author Biographies

Myriam Boueddine, Speech Therapist in private practice, Morocco

Speech Therapist in private practice, Morocco 

Najat Boulahna, Professor at ISPITS

Professor at ISPITS

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